Amazing New Theory on Cambyses’ Lost Army

Archaeologists have been debating the eternal question – what really happened to Cambyses’ lost army? You can read the latest expert theory in an article from the Daily Mail last week.
It’s fascinating! But not desperately informative, as it doesn’t go into enough detail to judge.

Looking back I can’t believe it’s six months since I last posted. Sorry!!!

Events in Iraq mean that I may have to (may have to? WILL have to!!) abandon any hope of visiting Babylon this year. (The ruins of Babylon are just outside Baghdad. Given the war raging there with ISIS I don’t think I’d get travel insurance somehow!?) And that means I may have to put off finishing When the Desert Runs Red, the sequel to Blood of Kings, for a bit. Darius certainly WILL be back; just as soon as I can find a safe desert to live in. In the meantime, I have been extremely busy, not just working on When the Desert Runs Red, but on another book too.

More of that later!!

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