Authors Read Too!

And by a long way my favourite author is Wilbur Smith. I’m reminded of his genius with words every time I open one of his books, but none is as special as The Sunbird.  I re-read it again (about the fifth time!) recently and couldn’t help posting a review on Amazon:

No one paints pictures with words like Mr Smith. Long may he keep writing!

Another subject entirely – what a huge relief Palmyra hasn’t been blown to smithereens! If you’ve seen my FB page (or read Blood of Kings) you’ve probably guessed I love desert cities with a passion. I mentioned in an earlier blog about visiting Syria – and one of the highlights was this city of honey coloured stone deep in the Syrian desert. A place of palm groves and hot desert winds and clear blue skies, and so evocative you expect camel raiders to appear over the horizon at any moment.

The Temple of Baal has an altar carved with luxuriant vine leaves and standing in that amazing spot you can just imagine the white bulls being sacrificed and the blood flowing.

Lets just hope it’s still standing in another 2,000 years….




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