Blood Of Kings



If you always imagined Persia as a mystical land in the East, full of legendary warriors and mythical beasts, then you are not far wrong.

The tribes of Ancient Persia were Indo-European horse riding warriors, related to modern Europeans and speaking an Indo-European language with the same roots as English and Sanskrit. Suddenly, just under 3,000 years ago they swept across the Iranian plateau, fierce and resourceful fighters led by ambitious warlords, using horse archery and superb metal craft to drive out the local tribes and establish a new home. They built fortified cities, were governed by warrior kings, fought wars against Assyria, Elam, and the Semitic tribes of modern Iraq, and they flourished.

In the years around 550 BC Cyrus the Great united these small Persian kingdoms, before storming his way through the great Empires of Lydia, Babylon and Medea. He seized all the Greek colonies in Asia, and melded this enormous chunk of the world’s surface – 4,000km wide, stretching from the eastern tip of Europe all the way to India – into the Persian Empire. Famed through history for its treasure houses and its sumptuous living, it was by far the largest, most powerful Empire the world had ever seen.

Darius, hero of Blood of Kings, was from the royal line of Parsa, one of the ancient Persian kingdoms. When Cyrus united all the Persians under a single King of Kings, Darius’s family were swept from their throne. From wealth and power they were cast into poverty. Yet Darius served Cyrus’s house loyally, until Cyrus was replaced by his bitter and deranged son, Cambyses….


Blood of Kings is the story of Darius’s struggles to win back his family’s throne. From arrest and a sentence of death, to pitched battles, savage tribes and the terrible power unleashed by a freak desert sandstorm in the Great Sand Sea, Darius is sustained through constant danger by his love for Parmys, princess of the very House of Cyrus that Darius is determined to destroy….

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